The Gryffon Protocol: A Game Changer for Cross-Chain DeFi

Prateek Tripathi
7 min readDec 7, 2023


Ever wish you could put your staked assets to work across different blockchains? The days of assets being locked into a single chain may be coming to an end. The Gryphon Protocol could be a total game changer for cross-chain DeFi.

The Gryphon Protocol, built on Injective, lets you leverage your staked assets across multiple chains. We’re talking Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon — you name it. No longer will your valuable staked tokens be trapped in a single ecosystem. The potential here is massive.

Not only can you move staked assets between chains, but Gryphon also delivers a robust money market for the Injective network. You’ll be able to borrow, lend, and earn yield with your staked tokens. Think of it like a mashup of Lido and MakerDAO, but supercharged for cross-chain DeFi.

Interoperability between blockchains is the holy grail of crypto. With Gryphon, Injective is delivering on the promise of true cross-chain finance. If you’re into DeFi, it may be time to give Injective a second look. The Gryphon Protocol could take cross-chain finance to the next level and unlock a whole new world of opportunities. The future is cross-chain!

What Is Gryphon and How Does It Work?

Gryphon is a game-changer for cross-chain DeFi. It enables users to leverage their staked assets across multiple blockchains and opens up new opportunities in decentralized finance.

If you’ve got crypto staked on one chain but want to use it for yield farming or lending on another, Gryphon makes it possible. It lets you deposit staked assets like ATOM, DOT or ETH and receive a “wrapped” version of the same asset (wATOM, wDOT, wETH) that can be transferred across chains.

So how does it work? First, you deposit your staked assets into the Gryphon protocol and receive wrapped tokens in return. These wrapped tokens represent your staked assets and can be moved between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and other chains that Gryphon supports.

On the receiving chain, you can then lend, borrow, or yield farm with your wrapped tokens to generate extra yield. When you’re ready to unwrap, simply return the wrapped tokens to Gryphon and you’ll get your original staked assets back, along with any extra yield you’ve generated.

The best part is, your staked assets continue earning their normal staking rewards the entire time they’re deposited in Gryphon. So you get staking rewards plus whatever extra yield you can generate using the wrapped tokens on other chains. It’s a win-win!

With Gryphon, the possibilities for cross-chain DeFi are endless. This innovative protocol is poised to unlock new opportunities and usher in a new era of decentralized finance across blockchains.

Cross-Chain Liquidity and Asset Transfer With Gryphon

Have you been frustrated with the limitations of single blockchain DeFi? The Gryphon Protocol is a game changer. ###It enables cross-chain liquidity and asset transfers across multiple chains through its native GRYPH token.

With Gryphon, you can finally leverage your staked assets outside of the chain they originate from. For example, let’s say you have ETH staked on Ethereum but want to use it as collateral for a loan on Avalanche. No problem — just deposit your staked ETH into the Gryphon Protocol and mint GRYPH, which is freely transferable across chains.

On the receiving chain, simply redeem your GRYPH for the staked asset. This groundbreaking model provides access to new DeFi opportunities that weren’t possible before.

Gryphon also introduces a robust native money market where you can borrow, lend and earn yield on GRYPH and other major cryptocurrencies. Rates are set algorithmically based on supply and demand, and there are no centralized parties controlling funds.

The potential use cases for Gryphon are endless. You could get a flash loan on one chain, arbitrage across chains, deposit staked assets as collateral on another chain — all while earning yield the entire time your funds are locked up.

Gryphon paves the way for a truly decentralized, interconnected multi-chain DeFi ecosystem. The days of being limited to a single chain are over. The future is cross-chain, and Gryphon is leading the way.

Leveraging Assets Across Chains for Higher Yields

The Gryphon protocol allows you to put your staked assets to work across multiple chains in the Injective ecosystem. Instead of your INJ just sitting idle while staked, you can now leverage it to generate extra yield.

Gryphon enables you to deposit your staked INJ as collateral to mint gINJ, a tokenized version of your staked assets. You’re then free to use that gINJ in DeFi applications across Injective, like lending it out on Gryphon’s money market to earn interest. The possibilities are endless!

For example, say you have 10,000 INJ staked and earning 10% APR. Rather than just earning 1,000 INJ per year in staking rewards, you could:

  • Deposit your staked INJ to mint 10,000 gINJ
  • Lend out 5,000 gINJ on Gryphon’s money market at 15% APR to earn 750 INJ
  • Use the other 5,000 gINJ to farm yield on SushiSwap for 500 INJ
  • Total yield for the year: 2,250 INJ or 22.5%!

The best part is your INJ remains staked the entire time, so you continue earning your normal 10% staking APR. It’s like getting free yield on top of what you’re already earning.

Gryphon opens up new avenues for yield that were never before possible with staked assets. No longer will your INJ be locked into a single chain. Gryphon provides the bridge to unlock the value in your staked tokens across the entire Injective ecosystem.

The possibilities for yield stacking with Gryphon are endless. This is DeFi innovation at its finest, and it’s only available on Injective. The future is cross-chain!

Introducing a Robust Money Market to Injective

Injective’s new money market, Gryphon, allows users to put their staked assets to work across multiple chains. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for earning yield on your crypto holdings.

Once you’ve staked your INJ, ETH or other supported assets, you can leverage them in Gryphon’s money market to generate extra yield. This means you can stake your assets in one place but put them to work across various DeFi protocols across different chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Polygon. Your staked assets are never locked, so you maintain full control and flexibility over your funds at all times.

Gryphon introduces competitive lending and borrowing rates, allowing lenders to earn yield from borrowers who leverage their crypto assets. As a lender, you’ll earn interest from the borrowers who leverage your staked funds. Borrowers can access low-interest loans by using their staked assets as collateral. It’s a win-win for both sides.

The possibilities with Gryphon are endless. Some potential strategies include:

  • Stake your INJ or ETH and lend it out to generate yield
  • Borrow against your staked assets to leverage long or short positions, avoiding liquidation risks
  • Arbitrage lending/borrowing rates across chains to maximize your profits
  • Provide liquidity to Gryphon’s AMM and earn fees from swaps in addition to lending yield

Gryphon makes DeFi simple by handling all the complexity behind the scenes. You don’t need in-depth knowledge of smart contracts or blockchain mechanics to start generating yield from your crypto. The streamlined interface lets you manage, lend and borrow funds across multiple chains with just a few clicks.

Injective is poised to become a leader in cross-chain DeFi. With game-changing innovations like Gryphon, Injective offers some of the most compelling DeFi opportunities across the market. The future is cross-chain, and Injective is paving the way.

The Benefits of Gryphon for Injective Users

The Gryphon Protocol unlocks a whole new world of opportunities for Injective users. Here are some of the major benefits this game-changing platform offers:

Access Your Assets Across Chains

With Gryphon, you can use staked assets like INJ from Injective on other blockchains like Ethereum. This interoperability means you have more flexibility and liquidity with your holdings. If there’s an opportunity on Uniswap you want to take advantage of, you can move your INJ over without unstaking it. Seamless cross-chain functionality is a complete game changer.

Earn Yield on Your Assets

Gryphon opens up new yield opportunities for your staked INJ and other assets. You can lend them out to earn interest rates through the Gryphon money market. Rates are set by an algorithm to optimize returns for lenders and borrowers. This built-in ability to generate passive income from your holdings makes the Injective ecosystem even more valuable.

Leverage Your Assets

Borrowing and lending are fundamental parts of DeFi, and now Injective users can take part. With the Gryphon money market, you can borrow stablecoins against your staked INJ and other crypto collateral. This borrowing power lets you leverage your positions to potentially amplify your gains. You can also lend out stablecoins and earn interest from borrowers.

Trade on Margin

For advanced traders, Gryphon facilitates margin trading on Injective. You can borrow funds from the Gryphon money market to take on leveraged positions in the markets of your choice. This opens up more sophisticated trading strategies for those looking to up their game. But keep in mind, margin trading also comes with more risks, so do your research!

The possibilities unlocked by Gryphon are endless. This protocol mashup introduces essential DeFi functionality like cross-chain asset transfers, yield opportunities, borrowing and lending, and margin trading to the Injective ecosystem. For Injective users, Gryphon is poised to be a complete game changer. The future is cross-chain!


You now understand why Gryphon is poised to revolutionize decentralized finance. By enabling stakers to put their idle crypto to work across chains and access lending markets, Gryphon unlocks liquidity that was previously trapped. The potential is enormous.

As an Injective user, you’ll soon be able to stake your INJ, deposit it into Gryphon, and borrow stablecoins against it to farm yields, trade perpetuals, or leverage long INJ. The opportunities are endless.

More broadly, Gryphon paves the way for seamless capital mobility between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and beyond. The cross-chain future is here, and Gryphon is making it a reality. If you’re ready to put your digital assets to work across chains in a way never before possible, get ready to dive into The Gryphon Protocol. The waters fine — and the yields are high. The defi ecosystem will never be the same.



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