Why Poor People Are Always Sad?

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rich mindset vs poor mindset

To achieve financial success, developing an abundance mentality allows us to achieve goals; very few people manage to create. This is precisely due to the type of mentality that one has.

To further understand this topic, we will discuss the significant differences between a rich or abundance mentality and an inadequate or scarcity mentality.

In 1937 Napoleon Hill published the book Think and get rich; having interviewed the 500 wealthiest families in the United States helped him confirm that the key to wealth lies in mentality.

And as Bill Gates said at some point, it is not your fault that you were born into a poor family. Still, it will be if you die poor; it refers to the fact that an economic reality of poverty is not justified by external factors such as a corrupt government or the lack of work, but in the conformism inherited from our family and social environment.

There is nothing shameful about being poor, but being ashamed of it is — Benjamin Franklin.

Life is a blessing or a curse

Whether of poverty or wealth, the mentality that a human being has obeys a program that we have been building since our first years of life.

While poor people create the conditions to remain scarce and make it their misery, those who develop an abundance mentality create opportunities where money multiplies.

By living a life of scarcity or poverty (the government, an employer, the circumstances). This characteristic feature clouds their minds, preventing them from opening any successful project.

Rich or abundant people understand that there are external opportunities and internal opportunities that allow them to create much more wealth. Therefore, they focus on building projects that fill them with enthusiasm, happiness and fight to achieve it.

Who does not conquer a little fear every day, has not learned the secret of life — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Optimism vs pessimism

When faced with the same event, people with a rich mentality and a poor mentality see things differently.

Rich people have developed optimistic thinking throughout their lives where they win or learn from each experience; they understand that to achieve success, you need effort, perseverance, patience, and a lot of passion; this is how they achieve great results.

People with a poor mentality throughout their lives develop pessimistic thinking where it is tough to succeed or prosper, and the difficulties are very significant. As a result, they are afraid of taking risks. They, therefore, prefer to step on safe ground, leading them to a Comfort zone where routine and conformity reign.

Today the greatest source of wealth is between your ears — Brian Tracy

Relationships for better or for worse

A phrase that says like attracts like this leads us to understand why prosperous people get together with extraordinary results, while poor people prefer to stay close to others with a similar mentality to criticize those who excel.

When they find a more successful person with more impressive results, people with an abundance mentality manifest happiness to find someone to follow and imitate because they are aware that if someone could reach that high, they can also achieve it.

The poverty mentality is contagious; hence poor people feel good about others whose mentality is the same. Thus, they further reinforce their belief model based on scarcity to justify their mistakes, mistakes, and fears.

It’s funny, but when someone in the group with a poor mentality tries to get ahead, they are immediately filled with fears about the negative consequences of taking steps forward, and they recommend not taking risks.

Money and success don’t change people, they just amplify what’s already there — Will Smith

Problems or challenges

To conquer the success of our projects is to learn to understand that the process is full of challenges, and each has a level of difficulty for people with this abundance mentality to create the scenarios for overcoming power.

They know that they have to prepare to take on the challenge, and if it is not overcome, they prepare again with more intensity until they do.

This experience of persisting teaches them how to achieve their dreams; they become aware that challenges make them stronger.

On the other hand, in people who think of poverty, the mere fact of saying “I have problems” reverberates in their minds like a nuclear bomb.

The problems are misfortunes that come as a curse; they are experiences loaded with stress and associated with everything wrong that can happen to them.

From a very young age, they have known problems as painful events that hit hard, and that while they can be avoided, that keeps them in a vicious circle that never ends.

We are not rich because of what we have, but because of what we can do without it all — Immanuel Kant.

Fear drives you or stops you

Much research maintains that fear is one of the two paralyzing elements that bend people to achieve their dreams.

I ask you at this moment how many things would you have accomplished in your life if you had not been afraid? I’m sure your answer would be many things.

People with an abundance mentality act despite fear, though the circumstances or challenges seem like they assume the risks of anxiety and determination and perseverance, which makes this feeling limiting not last long.

The opposite happens with people with a poor mentality since fear stops them, paralyzes them to the point that they do not take steps beyond their comfort zone. Hence many people do not undertake because they tend to say I prefer a stable and secure salary. Then having to venture to create a business, did you overhear?

The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money — Warren Buffett

Learning is necessary

It is necessary to understand that people who want to improve themselves and achieve their goals take learning as an indispensable tool that shows us new information every day, which further enriches what we already know.

Knowledge is vast, and therefore rich-minded people do not stop learning; they use various ways to absorb information, whether through books, training programs, seminars, and they always find novel and exciting content to continue succeeding.

It is a pity, but people with a poor mentality, which is more than 90% of the world’s population, have low reading rates, do not take courses or training, and believe that they already know what is necessary, that generates an indestructible barrier of ignorance, limiting himself only to survive and cover his basic needs.

You can check out this to improve your learning skill.

Many people think that people with a rich or abundance mentality are those who have received a significant inheritance or were very lucky in life.

But let me tell you that most of the success stories that we know today from great entrepreneurs, visionaries, and innovators come from humble families whose childhood was marked by great scarcity.

We can all develop an abundance mentality by following these tips, reading financial education, and self-improvement books. I invite you to study and analyze them but, above all, to put them into practice.

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